the month of may

Dear May, how beautiful and crazy you are. With birthdays and mother days and so many other things to celebrate, you seem to pick me up and carry me like someone on a winning football team. Either that or drag me panting across the finish line with hope that June won't be so amazing.

We've been balloon raising, pancake eating, kayaking with grandparents and big floppy annoying fish, eating cream puffs, reading deliciously good children's literature, jumping, Legoing, and strawberry-eating {24 pounds to date}.

I drove three hours to participate in an oath ceremony where I exchanged my green card for a certificate of naturalization.

I felt the hug of a warm slide on a cool day and read a bit of my book while Buzz climbed up and slid down into me.

We've been pizza-eating, bowling, seed-planting, tooth-losing, movie-watching, fire-playing, and sunset-gawking.

And I've been trying to sleep with a big fat night guard on my top teeth. *yawn*

So I decided it was time to tie up this month with a big fat bright colored ribbon and set myself up for a calmer life, starting tomorrow. Only one birthday to celebrate next month.

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