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I started motherhood with a kicker of adrenaline. Enough to be able to stay up all hours of the night, fish poop out of the bathtub, and patiently wait for the dawdling two-year-old. It seemed most every tribulation was entertaining in some way at least. Now, six years in, I've gradually lost the momentum of adrenaline and moved to a slow crawl.

A halting plod from laundry piles to dresser drawers. An infantile army crawl to the wet sheets that need to be washed again.

I've wondered what has changed? Where has the energy gone? Why has all novelty and fulfillment slowly disappeared out of life? I spend plenty of energy looking for my lost energy. Vitamin supplements. Whole foods. Less sugar. Exercise. Alone time. Sleep. Meaningful pursuits.
I can't seem to find my anti-kryptonite.

In my desperate moments I find myself checking my email repeatedly secretly hoping to get a message that will change my life.

It's not that bad.....I tell myself. And I practice gratitude. And I remember that sometimes we are called to glorify God even in the mundane.

But here we are, on the very cusp of summer vacation and I'm definitely aware of the vast number of days that separate me from the more structured days of fall. And this summer more than ever I'm feeling the tension between too much structure and not enough. Neighbor kids will be needier than ever and my nerves are pretty raw.

So I'm gonna need to muster enough energy to have a little bit of energy for fun stuff. Oh dear. That sounds so bleak.
Anyway, here's my cheerful and colorful list that looks way more awesome than I feel:

Then, since I was on a roll, I thought up a list of easy things they can do if they are ever, you know, lacking for something to do......sometimes those little guys can get all moody on me and say "I don't get to do anything!!!" or "but there's just nothing to do". That doesn't ever happen in your house, right? Yeah. Go choose a stick from the "nothing to do" jar.

::switching gears:: <----so loving this pun right now {it's the little things}

So yesterday I came out the front door to check on my little Buzz, not expecting to see him go FLYING by on Peter's motorcycle!!! He's days away from turning four {same age as Peter when he was gifted the motorcycle} and I shouldn't be surprised. But wow. He's fast. It's probably criminal to allow such a young person so much speed. I've limited him to our street. If you see him out farther, please send him home. Or laugh as you watch me jogging circles around the neighborhood trying to find him. :-/

::one last topic::
Talk to me about summer reading -- do your kids bombard the library? Do a reading challenge? Visit a bookstore? Buy some new books?
What books are on your radar right now?

My boys tend to find comfort in reading favorites repeatedly. Right now one of their favorites is "The Curious Garden", which I LOVE.

It's the story of a little boy who finds a secret stairway which leads to the top of an abandoned railway. He finds some almost-dying plants {the city is really devoid of any living green things and filled with big ugly buildings and smokestacks}, decides to tend to them and eventually gardens and inspires and transforms the entire city into a beautiful greenery-filled place! It's so lovely. And the kids really like it!

Other past favorites include "A Pocketful of Cricket" and "Everybody Needs a Rock." We really like nature-themed books with great artistry and creative dialogue...not always easy to find. Have any gems you'd like to share?

::oh and, here's a gem::
While we're talking about summer flux and what to do, please take a look at this article:
The Incredible List of 10 Steps to Create a Magical Summer for Kids by Maggie Ethridge Just...yes. Soooo good.

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