what June taught me

things June has taught me

music| it's something most people discover in their teens. which styles of music put fire in their bones and light up their eyes. not until recently have i discovered a style that i really love...is it indie rock? i don't even know. but I love this and this and this and this.

donuts| there is something about a plain glazed donut. i don't really like them cake style or apple fritter or jelly filled, but dude. plain is really good. gotta be careful with this knowledge.

teeth| twice in the last two months i've been asked to pluck barely-connected teeth from his mouth. it's kind-of fun. i might get more excited about his loose teeth than he does. we both grin at each other wide-eyed with excitement when we find another loose one.

pet worms| i didn't think having worms in the house was a good idea. i still don't, but i let buzz carry his little friend around the house all morning yesterday. it was so cute. i've learned to enjoy yucky things for the sake of a beautiful bliss-filled child.

pinterest| it makes me want to do silly things like make giant water beds in the backyard and throw spiky paint-covered balls at white paper hung on the fence. i mean, i don't really want to do that. nope. but pinterest makes me think i want to.

rivers| that time when we found a secluded bend in the river and it was shallow enough for the kids to ride the current and swim around and then we paddled the kayak downstream just a bit and found cliffs perfect for jumping -- yeah, that. it's something i really really like.

hsp| not only am i pretty deeply introverted {especially as a stay-at-home-mom} but I'm also highly sensitive. makes for quite a life these days. many of my strengths are things not highly valued in a mama-world. being highly conscientious? able to concentrate deeply? good at tasks requiring vigilance, accuracy and speed? sounds like I'd do better at a desk job.

smoothies| it's really pretty easy to hide spinach in a yummy smoothie! we've even been hiding carrots in there. soymilk. frozen bananas. spinach. carrot. frozen blueberries. OR soymilk. frozen bananas. spinach. almond butter. so good.