under a bridge

We found a cool spot. Under a bridge.

Sometimes my husband tells the kids that if he didn't go to work we'd have to live under a bridge. I don't think they'd mind if it meant playing in a cool rushing river all day. Except that our fun was cut short by the need for a bathroom. Not number one {that don't stop no one} but number two. The big one didn't want to squat under a tree. Well, he tried, but struggled to keep from falling backward and thought that might not end well.

So we came home. Buzz requested that we come home, use the toilet, and go right back again. We'll go again soon, buddy.

Don't ya love that second pic of Ez with the worried look on his face? Reminds me of the moro reflex when the boys were freshly minted. So cute. I promise we didn't startle them just to see it...

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