Gorton Falls | Columbia Gorge

I had to tell you more about this particular waterfall hike. It's one of my favorites.
See details below and watch for cute kids scrambling up and down rocks and through water and crazy adults swimming under the falls. :)

Gorton Falls, in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon
Where to find the trailhead: 
Watch for the exit for Wyeth Campground, off Hwy 84. It's about 50 miles east of downtown Portland. Drive through the campground, following hiker signs and you'll find a small parking lot and a trail.

Where to hike: 
A short distance down the trail, there is a three-way split. One trail turns left, one goes to the right over a bridge and the one you want to take goes straight. Follow the creek to the falls! The trail will eventually peter out and this is where the fun begins. Boulder scrambling, wading through the water, but nothing too sketchy. Our four year old managed most of it without help. Just don't wear flip-flops. ;) Keens are perfect.

What to do when you get there: 
Take lots of photos, experimenting with smooth water {long exposure} especially if you brought a tripod {forgot mine}. Swim under the waterfall, even though the water may have just come off of Mt Hood. It's very refreshing. Look for the hidden geocache {it's pretty large, the kids found it all by themselves}!

Estimated 3/4 mile hike/scramble up to the falls
100-200 ft elevation gain
I think very safe for kids
Not highly traveled or well signed {yay!}

Go check it out!! It's really fun. :)