31 days to...

This is the third year The Nester has assembled the blogging masses in a writing practice during the month of October. This is the first year I won't be participating. You can read my 2011 series here and my 2012 series here. I'm breathing the fresh air of freedom-from-obligation and the sweet scent of realizing who cares? Not in a fatalistic sort of way, no. Just in a not-so-terribly-worried sort of way. I worked pretty hard to make my blog something and now...I'm just enjoying it. Who knew?

Anyways, I'm excited to keep up with these writers who each have topics I'm interested in. It's fun to just sit down and read a bit in the evenings. Tsh's globetrekking adventures are going to be especially awesome. :)

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Speaking of thirty-one days though -- it might take that long to make enough applesauce to feed our family of four for a year. We have been cranking it out! I estimate it will take about 400 pounds of apples to get us through. Course, that's us eating applesauce on toast every evening... #simplify

Daddy thought it would be a nice annual tradition to serve hot sauce with a spray of whipped cream on top. These guys were almost too tired to enjoy it. 

If I were going to write a 31 days series this year it would probably be something like 31 Days to Dressing Warmly or 31 Days of Ministering to Neighbors or 31 Days to Small Talk. Really, I'd rather you wrote about those things so I could learn.

And finally, a selection of dear ______'s: 

Dear Fall,
When will you learn to come in slowly, peeking around corners and gently trading spots with Summer? It would have been sweeter for you two to do a little dance...you didn't have to send her off so abruptly. I hope there aren't any hard feelings.

Dear Google Maps,
Thank you a million times over for making homeschool more fun these days. We've dropped into stadiums and cemeteries in Ireland, underwater tunnels in Australia, and got up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower in France. You are making geography come alive. You're the best.

Dear Apples,
You need to speak softly and kindly to my poor, dear, tired husband. He's not quite ready to spend a lot of time with you yet. Stay crisp in the garage until he feels inspired, k?

Dear Bedtime,
We'll be meeting up with you a bit earlier over the next few weeks. You bring sweetness to the littles, which we all need more of.

Dear Piano Lessons,
How did we ever enjoy life without you? Your blues, your classics, your duets. You're fun.

Dear James Herriot,
Thank you for making these cold fall evenings more enjoyable. The chill of the dales and the warmth of the cow stalls truly make life feel complete.

Seriously y'all, this photo wasn't taken that long ago. Summer was taken by the ears and thrown out the backdoor. 
Fall is ruthless. And I need to start wearing socks. 

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