The Swing That Spins

It's about time I told you about something that is so AWESOME and fun. Every family needs a swing like this.

So, I'll tell you a little bit about it and then tell you how you can get one. :)

This is a swing with few limits. You can go back and forth, around in circles, stand up and surf, lie on your back and gaze up at the stars, or swing with a friend or two or three. It's like a tire swing, but so much better.

We have two friends in town who hang their swings from x-large tree limbs. I've seen people hang their swing from an existing play-set. We bought one for our son's cousins in California and they hung it from their backyard tree. You could even hang it from the rafters of a barn.

These swings are comfortable and made from high quality materials. They are big enough and strong enough for two or three or even four kids to swing together! My husband and I have enjoyed a snuggly swing ride together too. 

So -- would you like one? Course you would. 

Here are the details: 
These swings are available directly from the seller, Swing and Spin. Check them out!!