RealLife | Hiking, Homeschooling, and How He Lost His Tooth

I'm starting to warm up to this colder weather. My bright pink vest helps, as do my new fuzzy slippers that I've been wearing as shoes. My body simply needs time to gradually adjust to temperature changes. When things change abruptly, I get all reptilian and my spikes come out. Once I remember that I'm warm-blooded and can adapt to environmental changes, my outlook on life improves and people want to be around me again.

So we explored the muddy lake-bed and played with sticks and shivered a bit at first, but pretty quickly got used to the chilly air. It's a life lesson -- we can adapt. We can enjoy new things. Sometimes we just need to be brave and get out in it. It won't be that bad.

We're becoming more comfortable with homeschooling. We've had our messy moments for sure, but things are settling in to a pretty smooth, easy rhythm. We aren't stressing about much. There's a place for pushing through content because we need to reach goals, but mostly we're gonna learn because it's fun.

Geography has been enhanced by Google Maps street view {so fun!!} and YouTube videos. Pete's favorites so far have been a BBC documentary about bullet trains, another video series called Deadly 60 and counting double decker buses on the streets of London.

We're reading through Mr. Q's Life Science materials -- it's above first grade level, but we're just skimming through, learning some vocabulary and treating it as a first glimpse of interesting subject matter. Down the road when he hears about arteries and capillaries, he'll remember just enough to be able to hook on some new information to what he was previously familiar with. #scaffolding

Another favorite curriculum found online {what would we do without the internet?!} is Math Mammoth. You can easily buy the pdf files, download and print. I like the simplicity of it -- there are great visuals and fun stories matched up with just the right amount of review {in my opinion}. It's working really well for us so far. :)

Pete had a really loose top tooth that was making it hard to eat. Daddy offered his services with the pliers, but Peter wasn't interested. Only for a picture, he said. Later that day, the boys were wrestling on the bed and Buzzra's foot swung up, hit Pete in the mouth and dislodged the tooth. He felt it on his tongue and thankfully, didn't swallow it!! That's tooth #4 and he's not even 6 1/2 yet!

*fist bump*
Have a good week!
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