We're All Learning to Be More Grateful

We celebrate two thanksgivings here in this bi-cultural home -- Canadian in October and then again today.
We're vegetarian, so we thank God for soybeans.

But rather than an excuse to over-eat again, we do our very best to make our thankful days focused on gratitude. Because developing the muscle of gratefulness? Yeah, there are long-term benefits. Science has linked gratitude with kindness, decreased anxiety, better sleep, and greater satisfaction in life.

It's definitely worth it to purposefully name your blessings today and every day. And equally worthwhile to teach our children to be thankful too. There is a whole chapter dedicated to the topic of gratitude in my ebook {coming soon!} So I have more to say on the topic, but I'm going to keep this short in favor of family time. :)

Today I'm so thankful for my family, who keep me laughing and give me lots of hugs.
Today I'm thankful for things completed {my ebook is ready to edit}!
Today I'm thankful for fulfilling volunteer work and hobbies.
Today I'm thankful for gorgeous {albeit cold} skies and inspirational music.