January Weather and Other Random Things | Weekending

This photo about sums up my firstborn these days -- some kind of technology plugged into an outlet, a calculator, a collection of pens and his notebook, and a faraway look. At this particular time, he said he was predicting the weather.

We went sledding yesterday. There wasn't fresh snow, so the trip down was packed hard and FAST. No sled needed, actually. But the best best best part of the trip was driving up above the thick cushion of cloud/fog we've been living under for the past few weeks. It's called an inversion and yes...sometimes it feels like we're standing on our heads. Things become so much sweeter with the warm sun resting on our rosy cheeks. Oh sunshine. We love you. I'll share sledding photos soon. And the tunes that are getting us through this winter.

Cranberry pancakes for breakfast with almond butter and applesauce. Delovely. And today brings some testing -- first, test packing to see if we can fit our road tripping lives into the car and next, taste testing two kinds of yogurt for the #YoplaitTasteoff coming soon!

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