Spring Comes in March | Weekending

I'm hoping this blog won't turn into a long string of weekending posts. Better than nothing, right? Well, it's just that life is full right now. We spent one night away this week and did the quarterly tire rotation at Costco where we buy toilet paper and vanilla and maple syrup and marinara sauce and fruit snacks and bagels and four big bags of pirate's booty. ack

Yesterday, we played soccer with our new playground ball and created our own frisbee version of monkey in the middle. We helped the neighbors build a kid-designed tree fort. Totally up to code, of course. We played Tenzi and ate homemade pizza with friends who build us Lego houses and runways.

The sun is fun. March has invigorated and charged up our batteries. I need to write that down. Spring does come after all. Often in March.

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