A Trip to Town | Cap-Haitien, Haiti

We went shopping today with things on our list like metal for building a railing, a mirror for the bathroom, ceiling paint, roof sealant, mattresses, and so on. Cap-Haitien isn't far from the children's village...about a twenty minute drive with only about a hundred speed bumps along the way. Mangoes make up the majority of fruits for sale on the roadside. I saw a wheelbarrow full of young coconuts and immediately started to drool. Haven't had one yet. I'm still hoping!!! I'll certainly post photos when I do. :)

This little guy was one of several who wanted to see their photo on my camera's LCD screen. They were doing headstands and macho poses for me. The language barrier has been really tough...they speak Creole which is kinda like French, but maybe just different enough to be confusing. I'm not sure. I've thrown out some French words and still get blank stares. But laughing and silliness are the same in every language, to be sure. :)