Sustainability in a Children's Village | Project 7

I'm here in Trou du Nord, Haiti, visiting New Reality International's children's village. It's a safe place for vulnerable and orphaned children to live. It was run completely by locals with big hearts until they completely ran out of resources and prayed for help. Miraculously, NRI came along just at the right time and has been able to work in partnership with the local committee to make some really big things happen.

The government donated land -- we hired local workers, make bricks and built a wall. The children needed to move out of their small living quarters -- we found skilled professionals who could place tile, paint, weld, wire the electrical, and so on. There are now two homes on the land, a smaller "gate-house" and a larger home where the children live. Their prayers are being answered one by one! They are so happy to have a soccer field and a garden in addition to clean water and security.

The goal is for this village to be completely sustainable. We are off to a good start with solar power, two wells, and a thriving garden. Eventually there will be income generating pursuits that will reduce their need for outside help even more.