Real Life | Not Doing All of It

I'll just go ahead and put it out there >> I can't keep up with my own life. There are lots of things not being done right now. And I'm okay with that! THAT is progress -- the fact that I'm okay with letting a few things slide in favor of other more-important-right-now things.

I sometimes totally forget about my to-do list...which is a good thing. That means it isn't playing on repeat in my brain, pushing out livinginthepresent.

Life begs us to figure out this balance of smelling the roses and texting a friend and lingering to smell a child's hair and still getting the dishes washed and the groceries unloaded and the memories recorded and the bed made. I'm used to be so stressed about achieving a perfect balance everyday. Now, I look at the week or even the month to see if it was balanced.

Today I'm purging the house -- something that's been off my list for too long. And later I'm going to put some quality time toward writing for the NRI blog. This weekend will be more kayaking fun and hopefully time to process photos and video from our time in Portland.

Here's to getting stuff done, but not fretting about doingitallrightnow. *fistbump*