Play Hard, Document Soft

We've been playing hard lately. Just in the last two days we spent one night in the grass by a creek, built a dam, had a water fight, swung in a hammock, practicing walking on a slack-line, climbed a mountain to tip dead trees, ate roasted asparagus, flew kites, played dare base, and went to a baby shower.

And I only have photos to prove some of that.

This summer, I've decided to play hard and document soft. I really want to take photos of every fun thing we do, to remember it by. But that isn't practical. I got really sweaty playing with the kids last night and my camera just wouldn't have enjoyed that.

I'm going to continue posting randomly, I guess. A schedule just makes me feel stressed and makes the posts feel forced. I'll share photos and life awesomeness and travel stories as often as I can! Thanks always for reading and for commenting when you can!