Rolling in the Mud

We are pretty stoked to have friends who will dig a hole in their yard/field and make a mud pit. We rolled around in it like little pigs. Ever seen that Survivor challenge where they roll around in the mud and then run to fill up a bucket with the mud on your body/clothes? First person with a full bucket of mud wins? We did that. :)

I really want to keep my blog alive!! It's definitely going to be more challenging this summer. We spent the last ten days at camp-meeting, going to meetings with new friends and taking a few side trips into Seattle and surrounding area for extra adventures. We'll be doing it again end of July -- in Canada this time.

We have plans to spend one night in Rainier National Park, several nights in Glacier NP, and serious thoughts of going to Lake Tahoe/Yosemite in August. Among other things. I'm scratching my travel itch, but it isn't going away.

So ----- I'm still not sure whether short one-photo posts are going to be easiest or saving up photos for longer posts. Perhaps some of both. I would like my posts to be interesting and relevant for my readers, but also fun as a family journal of sorts. I'd like to just land on a posting style/schedule and stick with it.

My goals for this blog are as follows:
As a portfolio for my photography
To serve as a collection of family memories
To inspire people to enjoy happy and healthy lives

I love blogging, but there's so much else in life I love too. Like rolling in mud. :)