Blueberries for Buzz | Weekending

We've been reading On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean George together. I love it just as much {maybe more} as the boys. When daddy reads, he likes to read "continued story" style -- leaving them with a cliff-hanger. I always read to the end of a chapter. But they beg for more and I'm anxious to hear what will happen next too. Sometimes, we'll stay up and read just a bit more. I took a peak at the last chapter too...couldn't help myself. 

Our Fourth of July started early...daddy was out of bed and getting into his bike shorts just after five o'clock. Off to the u-pick blueberry patch. By the time we arrived with his breakfast, he had already picked about twenty pounds of gigantic sweet berries. Every year I wonder if our boys are old enough to pick more than they eat...uh, nope. Not yet. At least there were no tipped buckets for us this year.

We closed out the day with several varieties of loud bangs and colorful flares -- some whistling rockets, smoke bombs, sparklers, and Buzz's favorite -- the pop-its. Pete was pretty nervous around the airborn explosives, after a past experience with a fallen mortar shooting fire sideways randomly all around in a circle. I hope he'll recover from that -- I think it's been two years now since that happened.

Pete went inside before the rest of us and snuggled into the couch with a good book. Our new library card is getting a lot of good use. He's excited about audio books too, even setting up a speaker/CD player system in the bathroom so he could multi-task in there. Hah.

  • Making: THE most delicious mango sticky rice. I plan to share the [very simple] recipe with you soon. 
  • Feeling: My super sore muscles {like the ones that lift my legs up and down} after running seven miles this morning. Didn't set any time records, just wanted to finish. Only walked twice for less than a minute. *fist bump* 
  • Reading: Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys. It's got some really wise words. 
  • Planning: Our trip to Idaho for an epic family bike ride!! 
  • Resisting: Another bowl of that cold creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream that will restore all the calories I burned this morning. 
  • Thankful for: My hammock. And my boy that thanks God for hammocks at bedtime. 
  • Sharing: I've pinned several great resources this month, including this free summer reading guide. Lots of our favorite books and some I can't wait to read are on the list.