#RiverPlay + #LyveHome = Easy Photo Management

Family Reunion
Family Reunion

A couple weekends ago found us soaking up the sun and the cold river and the family love at #RiverPlay on the Columbia River. When we weren't eating delicious food, we were basking in the glory of SUPER COOL cousins keeping our kiddos busy and out of trouble!

I was tired after a stretch of single parenting/camping in Canada and my honey was equally tired after working his tail off {four 12 hour days}, so it was the perfect weekend retreat. Relaxing and refreshing. Kinda like lemonade.

Making Lemonade
Making Lemonade
Making LemonadeMaking Lemonade

I should have taken more photos and now looking back, I really wish I had BECAUSE waiting for me at home was the coolest photo syncing device ever. It can hold a crazy amount of photos -- like over 16,000. Every time I take a photo using my phone, it goes directly into the database and can be accessed from all other connected devices. Same thing if the photos are on my computer -- I just plug into the #LyveHome box and choose the folder I want to send over. Once those photos are transferred, I can view and share them from my phone.

I used to have to email myself photos to get them from computer to phone or the other way around! No longer!

And if I had other devices {like an iPad or any other cool gadget}, I could connect those up too. My husband's phone....the kid's tablets...everyone can have access to the pictures and send their photos onboard too.

It's pretty sweet stuff. You wouldn't happen to want one, wouldya?


LyveHome | Your Personal Photo and Video Manager [yep, video too]
  • Your photos and videos are automatically protected on your LyveHome, from wherever you are.
  • All photos are cataloged by date and easy to view on any device.
  • The LyveApp is available on any Android or iOS device.
  • The LyveHome box has a USB port and SD card slot so you can import old photos from external hard drives, memory cards, etc.

Check out this short video to see it in action and tell me what your favorite feature is in the comments for a chance to win a LyveHome [$299 value] for your family!

Life doesn't stop just because your memory card or phone is full. With Lyve, you've got plenty of space for all those times you want to remember, at home or on the go. Your first marathon, baby’s first steps, summer days at the park…you focus on capturing and let Lyve focus on keeping your photos & videos safe, sorted and always accessible.

How to enter to win:
1. Click over to the LyveHome site {it will open in a new window}
2. Look around, check out the cool features, watch the video
3. Come back over here and write a comment telling me what you like best about the LyveHome

One winner will be chosen on September 1, 2014 and will receive a LyveHome soon after in the mail! Congratulations Andrea Jamieson -- you're the winner!!! Everyone else can use this code to get free shipping in checkout: LyveUnleashed

This post is sponsored by LyveHome: Your personal photo & video manager. Lyve brings together the memories scattered across your mobile devices, automatically consolidating them into an easily accessible, organized view.