Making Thought Lists | Weekending

Some people have long to-do lists [me!!] and some people decide it's about time they make a to-think-about list too, cause life is so full of interruptions it's hard to think in a straight line for longer than two minutes with a "mommy!" or [insert whatever annoyingly interrupts your creative flowing linear thoughts]. Pete says he struggles with this too and we agreed that we would be more creative if we lived alone on top of a mountain. Except for the fact that we'd be alone and probably get lonely and be distracted by our loneliness. #deepthoughts

So I made my thought list this morning and I feel better already. Cause I'm female and my brain tends to spark and zap and zoom from one topic to the next in rapid succession and in no meaningful order. And it tends to move to new topics without providing any closure for the first topic. I'm a crazed introspective thought-plagued person without the time to dedicate to any one thought pattern. #cabininthewoodsanyone?

At least now I have a list. I can just let those topics lie until there is dedicated thinking time. I won't need to worry about forgetting what I wanted to think about.

It was cold, then warmed up, then got freezing cold again. We got a tree and decorated it {along with the mantel}. I went clothes shopping for myself {first time in forever} and got lucky at Kohls and Target. Thanksgiving guests were super fun and we wish they could have stayed longer. Chocolate dipped pretzels are good. Holidays with no schedule and daddy home are super lovely. Now I'm thinking about Christmas...what shall we do {something else to add to my thought list!}...

weekend shares ||
Eating: Way. Too. Much. Of course. Here's what we ate over the we're back to oatmeal and blueberries again. And......sticky buns have been on my mind. Yes.
Pinning: These cute little string cheese snowmen. And this creative Christmas tree craft.
Enjoying: The bright sunshine that shines on the crunchy snow. And the glowing tree and warm blankets to cuddle up in.
Anticipating: Two weeks off in December with the possibility of road tripping.
Thankful for: My brother and sister-in-law. For an only child, getting new siblings is really cool.
Watching: Last night -- Mom's Night Out. And trying to keep up with Survivor episodes.
Reading: With the kids -- Ribsy. I just love Beverly Cleary books.
Feeling: A weeeee bit jealous of friends who went to Mexico this past week. A warm sunny beach or frozen nose hairs? Hmmmmm