Things To Consider | Weekending

That they can still love me when I have to be really tough on them. Cause you know mommy can't let you eat right before bed because you were too distracted to eat at mealtime. So mean, right? Tonight was like this: me -- "love you buzz" him -- "okay". He'll say love-you-too when he feels like it.

That part of life that ebbs and flows. You feel really bored and consider taking on more work or starting new projects and then your kiddo is sick and needs you and life just fills up all of a sudden with things you must do.

That I gauge success in life in terms of photos. There must be lots of good photos and that means there must be things to photograph. School until 3pm, gymnastics, piano lessons and practicing, homework, dark evenings, cold weather --- not one of these things helps with my definition of success. I either have to let go this expectation for myself or be more creative with my photography.

That I get really itchy without a new blog post every fourth or fifth day. I used to get itchy if two days went by without posting, so I guess I'm making progress. *scratch, scratch* I don't want to post just for the sake of posting, but you know. I like how Kristen defines herself as a "crock-pot blogger". Sometimes the best things take time.

weekend shares ||
Eating: the yummiest ever chicken corn enchiladas with cojita cheese and green sauce
Enjoying: you might think I'm crazy, but my husband makes REALLY good kombucha and I LIKE it
Listening: to songs by joe brooks from this album
Pinning: this raspberry chia seed jam
Tweeting: this cute photo of my Haitian friends riding in the miracle truck to church
Planning: just bought tickets to the fiery furnace guided hike -- going to UTAH for Spring Break!!!
Watching : this interesting Ted Talk about giving cash directly to the poor
Resolving: to exercise my optimism muscle

Have a good weekend. :)