Life Changes and So Do We

 Apologies for the long space between posts. Consider this an update with hopefully more catching-up to come. 

We successfully completed our #utahtour, hitting four states outside our own and knocking several hikes off my bucket list! Course, we also found places we'd love to return to. That's the joy of a quick road trip -- being thankful to move on when the destination is brutal and making note of places that deserve more exploration. I have renewed faith in my boys ability to sleep outside and hike longer distances. We had a BLAST. I want to write posts about each of our favorite spots -- hopefully I'll have time for that soon.

Speaking of time...lately I've been filling it all up with three different part-time jobs. Teaching preschool is my favorite, but when I'm not there I'm tutoring online or substitute teaching in local public schools. The best news is that I'll be taking a full-time position next year teaching Kindergarten!! I'll get to keep my current students with me in the classroom for another year! Working full time will be an adjustment, so I'm collecting ideas and making plans for the coming school year NOW. #notknowntoprocrastinate

I obviously don't have a sustainable posting schedule. It isn't practical for me to post multiple times per week anymore. Gone are the three hour naps and the desperate need for me to unwind and connect with other mothers of young children. Life has changed. Also gone are my whimsical ambitions to somehow provide my family an income from my blog. The ads and sponsored posts just need to go. So -- what shall remain? I'd like to continue sharing my favorite recipes here as well as trip reports from our best destinations. And most of all, I'd like this space to just be a record of things we do and who we are. So I'll try to keep posting...but it probably won't be consistent.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. 
Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” --Lao Tzu