Bryce Canyon in April | Hiking with Kids

This was our third stop in our #Utahtour, coming over from Zion National Park [where we camped overnight and tried to hike the Narrows but froze our toes] and Snow Canyon State Park. We drove through a really long tunnel [awesome] on a crazy curvy road, then through more trees and high dessert type stuff before arriving. Bryce Canyon NP was underwhelming, but then...I'm not sure what I was expecting! It's certainly not as large as parks like Yellowstone or Glacier. It's just a little amphitheater with viewpoints along the rim and trails going down into the belly. I bet backpacking down in there would be neat. The photo ops are fantastic.

Trip Details: 
We stayed overnight at Ruby's Inn Campground -- in a cabin. It was heated, with a cute table and bench and nice bunks for sleeping. Bring your own pillows/sleeping bags! The campground was geared more toward RVs so I'm not sure we'd come back here with our tent. The showers were in the main building [long walk] and WIFI was very limited. We did get access to the hotel swimming pool next door and enjoyed that thoroughly! And it's conveniently located -- very close to the NP.

We hiked the Navajo Loop Trail, connecting with Queens Garden and found it to feel more like three miles RT than the advertised 1.8. The 800 feet down into the valley and then back up to the rim probably has something to do with how tired we felt. It's a FUN trail though, as you can see from the photos above. Plenty warm mid-morning in April, can't imagine what this would be like in August.

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