Dry Fork Coyote Gulch | Hole in the Rock

This was to be our very first slot canyon hike and we were full of anticipation. The road to the trail head was suitably exciting, with 30+ miles of washboard to sing to. We decided it was better taken at 40 miles an hour than 15. Then we bounced around on the road up to the little parking area -- the Rav4 and I bonded quite nicely.

You'd never know there are canyons down there in the valley somewhere when you start out on the hike. The kids thought the cairns were totally awesome and raced to find the next one marking the trail. We made our way down the sticky rocks, played in the sand a little at the bottom, then found the opening to the slot canyon! We weren't sure if it was Peekaboo or Spooky [and later found out we were in Coyote Gulch] but whatever it was...it was fun. Totally accessible with kids and windy and narrow! Buzz ran ahead and kept yelling "it's getting narrower...and narrower!"

Trip Details:
From Escalante, drive east on HWY 12 and take Hole in the Rock road going south. Just be prepared to stay on this very bumpy road, littered with cows and pot holes, for 26+ miles. Be looking for Dry Fork Road to the left.

It's not far down into the valley, maybe 1/2 mile. If we had more adults in our party, we could have made the straight-up-the-rock ascent into Peekaboo Gulch. We've definitely got to come back here for more exploring. It's awesome and worth a return trip.

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