Rock Scrambling on the Side of the Road

Utah is a fabulous place to drive through...the scenery changes significantly from one side of the state to the other! We drove down from the plateau above Bryce Canyon through a majestic series of sandstone cliffs and boulders. The kids kept saying -- oooh, can we climb on those rocks? Mom, stop! Let's play here!

So, I pulled off the road and we went exploring! No trailhead, no map, just awesome sticky sandstone rocks and a healthy fear of snakes! The sky was impossibly blue and I let the kids throw rocks to their heart's content since we were the only ones there.

Trip Details:
Somewhere along HWY 12 between Bryce Canyon and Escalante [closer to Bryce]. A sandy pull-out by the highway and a hike up the cliffs. One of our very favorite spots on our entire #Utahtour!

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