Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyon | Slot Canyons with Kids

Trip Details:
Little Wild Horse and Bell Slot Canyons -- We had an absolute blast hiking through these slot canyons. It was all I could do to keep up with the boys -- I'd stop to take a photo and they'd be gone!! "This is awesome, Mom!" "It's so windy!" A rock in the way was no hassle for them, they'd climb up and over like little monkeys. Little Wild Horse is easier to navigate and a bit windier, Bell Canyon is more technical [bigger rocks to climb over], but totally cool too. There are little holes in the rock walls, eroded by fierce water, and perfect hide-outs for monkey-climbers.

Trip Details:
Directions to the trail-head can be found here -- the road is well marked. It's about seven miles from the Goblin Valley State Park fee station. The hike is about 1/2 mile up a wash before you reach the first slot.

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