Things I've Learned | June 2015

June was a fantastic month! We traveled to awesome places, camped with fun people, and swam and biked and raced and ate so much yummy food. We enjoyed camping at Sunset Bay State Park and playing in the sand in Florence, OR. And Crater Lake was even bluer than I thought it might be. The pictures below are from our California adventures to Half Moon Bay, San Francisco, Bodega Bay, and Angwin.

Here are just a few of the things I learned last month:

#1. Don't accidentally plan to go paddleboarding on the same day as the Ironman. #Coeurdalene #beachcompletelyclosedoff
#2. When your boys spend a whole week apart at different camps, they might have a hard time getting used to each other again. #siblingrivalry #littlebrosareannoying
#3. Creativity = mess. #nufsaid
#4. I sleep good in a hammock. Two nights of bliss next to Lake Coeur d'Alene. #travellight
#5. Italian sodas are the bomb. Cause really, we all need whipped cream in our drinks too. #favorite

And it's a good thing we packed so much amazing into one month, because the rest of the summer will look more like me with my nose stuck in the computer working on my masters degree. #mathk6 #continuinged