First Hot Air Balloon Ride + Jumping in Leaves

It's mid-October already, my dears. Try to wrap your head around that one. One dip below thirty-two degrees and the rest is history. The leaves are turning, falling. Nights in the tent are more dramatic, socks warranted. It's that time of year, but doesn't seem possible. Summer is a hard friend to bid adieu.

Our first tethered balloon ride took us up twenty feet or so. We got up early to be third in line and still get to school on time. It was cold and the grass was wet with dew. This is the balloon we watched inflate and then boarded for the short rise and fall. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to go up and up and up.

Piles of leaves have been made and jumped in. The lawn guys will probably come and collect them tomorrow, only to have more take their place. The streets are littered with dying leaves. They said goodbye to summer too. Yes, it's sad.
Weekend Sharing:
20 Ways to Celebrate Fall Right Now 
If I wasn't in the thick of master's research, I'd be doing this stuff. Maybe we can still squeeze some of it in.

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup 
I would like to try this. I really like her cauliflower alfredo sauce.

Favorite First Chapter Books 
A good list of fun books. We've read a bunch of these.

Eating | Martinellis and Ice Cream. You give me soda, I make a float.
Enjoying | The amazing temps this time of year. Just perfectly crisp at night and warm during the day.
Listening | Elizabeth Mitchell. She writes the best music for kids. Or me. :)
Thankful for | A daddy who does experiments with his kids and chases and laughs and tickles.
Pinning | These mini pumpkin pies. This must happen.
Planning | Practicing my Spanish words and putting together a packing list for Haiti.
Putting off | Not much. Getting stuff DONE.