Silver Falls State Park

We made the pilgrimage down to centralish Oregon last weekend, to visit a park we'd heard much about. So many waterfalls, so beautiful, fun hikes! We were hoping for fall colors, sunny skies, clean forest air. And we weren't disappointed, although things were pretty chilly and wet, especially our first night.

There just isn't anything like being snuggled in a warm sleeping bag breathing crisp wet-side air though. I love it. And hammock-napping in the afternoon half-listening to my boys building roads in the pine needle covered earth? Sweet.

This mama was really tired after teaching all week and arriving at camp after 9pm. But we roused ourselves, ate some pancakes and hiked it up the next morning, running some of the flow-y trail, always looking forward to the next waterfall. The sun was shining, the leaves were beginning to turn, the air was clean.

The first one we came upon, North Falls, was incredibly tall [can I call a waterfall tall?] and the trail curved around behind it! Really cool. We saw seven falls, two of which were dry [but we imagined their spring-time glory]. We tricked the boys into hiking more than five miles!! They noticed the last two, where we gained back all elevation lost at the beginning. They are turning into real good hikers and making my heart proud. Although Buzz wasn't too thrilled about my legs of steel comments... :)

Silly faces and trip details below:

Trip Details:
Silver Falls State Park -- with campsites and cabins within walking distance of waterfall trailheads. And HOT showers. #PraisetheLord

We stayed in our campsite for two nights courtesy of Oregon State Parks in exchange for these photos! We're grateful for the fun experience!

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