Dusty Lake near Quincy, WA

With warming weather and solidifying friendships, we find ourselves getting out on hikes to places we wouldn't have found without recommendations and guidance. This area isn't that far from Quincy, a town I've driven through a hundred times, but is completely hidden from view. We're thankful for friends who offered to bring us here! It's a super fun hike with rocks and water, our favorite. Tim took a little swim, just cause. The rock cliffs are incredible, especially contrasted with the brilliant blue sky. Trip details below...

Trip Details:
Dusty Lake -- just southeast of the Ancient Lakes area, find the parking lot and trailhead marked Dusty Lake. The trail to the lake is not far, maybe half a mile? From there, you can explore other little trails, including one that goes across the shale rockslide and across to the other side of the lake. Bring your Discover Pass.

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