We're Jumping | Weekending

Hi! We're in the home stretch!! The kids have eleven days of school left, one being held at the waterslides. I have thirteen days of work left and am teaching my students a routine with bean bags that might look something like this if they can figure out how to count to four about a hundred times and not fight with their neighbors.

Our first little mini vacation will be to the Columbia Gorge mid-June. I now have tupperware bins for the back of the car -- one for food, one for kitchen items, one for miscellaneous. I hope to keep things in their places better so we can get home and regroup for the next trip more easily.

We'll have about a week at home before Ezra and I head to HAWAII [surprise!] and Peter heads to Sunset Lake Summer Camp. They aren't sure which of them is the luckier. After all the bus/plane/train riding Ezra might decide summer camp would have been more fun.
Pictured above:
Camping at Eight Mile Campground, not far from Leavenworth. Beautiful sites, with mature trees and the rushing Icicle Creek nearby.
Visiting Walla Walla and practicing for field day.
Participating in field day [three legged racing is funny to watch].

We've got three birthdays coming up -- first Peter, then daddy, then Ezra!
Peter requested this strawberry cake idea [hah!] and Ezra thinks this Oreo cake looks delicious [indeed!]. We're not planning anything themed or theatrical this year...I just don't have that much brain space or motivation. We'll be spending our time and money on trips this summer, not on photogenic or exhilarating birthday parties.

We are considering a trampoline as a birthday present for them both, to keep with the jumping theme. We finally have a backyard flat and large enough! But we're renting...... and there's liability.....

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Kindergarten Graduation at Liberty Christian School 
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