A NEW YEAR | Weekending

The temperatures this winter are beyond abysmal. We're talking face mask needed kind of weather. I'd like to blame it on our new location, but Walla Walla isn't getting off easy either. Who to blame, who to blame? There were Januarys in CP with sixty degree days. That's too warm for winter...said no one ever.

Nevertheless, we're trying to keep walking. I have one hat that keeps out the icy wind better than the others. Can't hear much, but my ears stay warmer. The plan, according to my husband, is to walk one thousand miles this year. That's an average of just under three miles per day. Miss a day and you're toast. Unless you're going to spend summer on the PCT.

We've been outside a lot, skiing and hiking and walking. It's been cold, but kinda beautiful.
Our Christmas Break was pretty awesome...a super long drive down to Cali and back, but the boys said it was worth it. Fun times with family and the drive wasn't that bad. We hiked and played outside [it was above freezing!] and we ate more than our fair share of DELICIOUS food thanks to Uncle Brian and Grandpa Ken and everyone else who pitched in. #sourdoughpancakes #sourdoughbread #homemadepizza
The tripod did a stellar job at capturing our family's spirit this year. One of these will be in the mail to some of you! Many thanks to Buzz for his snow-tossing and jumping skills. What a pack of crazies we are. I'm just glad we got more than one good shot out of the deal! And without too much complaining! #giantsuccess

Weekend Sharing:
Robot Dreams | A wordless storybook for any age. Seriously cute pictures that tell the story. I'm inspired to base my future Kindergarten classroom on this book!! It's absolutely adorable.

Eating | Smoothies and chocolate muffins.... =)
Enjoying | Buying fabric and sewing up some really cute rag quilts! I'll have a pop up shop to sell them all soon.
Listening to | The A Couple Cooks podcast is fun!! I like their food philosophy.
Thankful for | Thawing temperatures after sooooo many days of single digits. Very happy the kids can have recess outside again!
Reading | I've been listening to The Wild Robot via audio book while walking and sewing and doing dishes...it's a GOOD GOOD story. I'm having Peter read the e-book version next.
Pinning | This lasagna was a great way to use up a kabocha squash! The kids didn't go for it, but I'd say most adults would enjoy!
Anticipating | Spring Break!!! The kids and I are going to Haiti to visit the Project 7 Children's Village!