Ski Vacation in a Yurt | Monthly Wrap

I have chosen a word for 2018 -- LAUGHTER. I am the most serious member of our foursome and my boys say that I never laugh. They could make it easier on me, you know? The things they do are closer to maddening than hilarious. Hiding my sunglasses and my watch, turning on all the lights and wipers and A/C in the car... I probably should laugh like a Fun Mom. But depending on my mood, it's usually mostly just annoying. I'm trying to lighten up... and I'm paying attention to how often I laugh. #laughtracker
If you had time to read my last couple posts, you'll know that things have been hard. I feel like our family is taking one step at a time out of dark and angry clouds into the sunshine. We're squinting and shedding a layer or two, we're getting used to a new normal, one that involves quite a bit more slow and easy. Before things were just too intense, too upsetting. We are focusing on calm voices, clear expectations, lots and lots of love. When I hear Ez say that he had an epic snowball fight with friends at recess and that he's bringing ALL his stuffed animals to school and told his whole class to do the same...that's a big patch of sunshine. Recovery takes time and there are always setbacks, but at least there is time to breath now, margin for rest. Margin for playtime.
January has been pretty fun! We brought in 2018 in Canada, skating on the outdoor rink in Kelowna's Waterfront Park! We enjoyed fireworks and hot chocolate with Canadian cousins, the best kind. And we've been SKIING as much as possible. I booked a weekend at the "Yurtle" (search Airbnb), just down the road from Silverwood. It was comfy with its wood stove, cute with its twinkle lights and having a next-door heated bathroom was VERY NICE! And we had first-time visits to Lookout Pass, 49 Degrees North, and Mt. Spokane. #probablytoomuchskiingforoneweekend

We all agreed that they should be ranked in that order, despite the bad weather. Lookout Pass had the best runs, the best lift access, and the best parking. Both Peter and I LOVED riding Rainbow Ridge on the Montana side. 49 Degrees North had potential, although with the weather we had, even blue runs felt like blacks. It was icy. I think the ridges were fun to ski and the quad chair would have been a good place to hang out. Mt Spokane had very nice shuttles to help us get from car to lodge, and a few fun routes to take, but really long lines [it was a long weekend]. I just felt like all the runs were sideways...I couldn't get my skis pointed down and S it out. It was weird.
My new year goals still stand #playlists #journaling #awesomejar #familyfilms!!
And here is this month's video highlight makes me happy. :) But I have a lot to learn about video.

I feel deep-seated hope for the future and not the despair and exhaustion that came along with the angry clouds a few months ago. That's a big "good air in, bad air out". "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." Romans 15:13 #byHispower #inbelieving

Eating | Burrito bowls #wholefood #yum
Enjoying | Riding my bike right next to my hunny #trainer #springcomes
Listening to | This song by Bonray #whotorunto #turnmyeyes
Watching | This is Us. #tears #stillwatching
Thankful for | My husband who is meeting the needs of our kids VERY well right now. #arduino #wrestling #importantconversations
Reading | The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis and Parenting by Paul David Trip
Pinning | This No-Noodle Sweet Potato Lasagna
Anticipating | A spring break road trip to epic places like Red Rock Canyon in Nevada and Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Utah #camping #canyoning

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