Biking and Skiing | Monthly Wrap

MARCH has been pretty awesome, gotta say. Spring skiing has been amazing with its blue skies and fast groomers. I LUV my new ski boots and have never skied so fast. FUN TIMES. I took a bunch of photos of our cabin at Ponderosa State Park, but otherwise didn't use my big girl camera very much this month. Because..... I've been too busy CYCLING my butt off on the trainer. And I'm very very very very happy to report that today I finished my 800 mile goal!! WOW. The crazy part is that I wasn't on track. I hit 600 miles last weekend. So I had to push through 200 miles in a week.

So now we're all ready for spring weather and getting our wheels out on singletrack!

This post is short and sweet, with an Insta-collage for you and this month's #familyfilm!! That's three months in a row and I'm feeling pretty good about reaching goals right now!

Eating | I made this recipe for paella yesterday and thought it was pretty yum! And these blueberry scones.
Enjoying | 60+ degree weather and SUNSHINE
Listening to | Too many Kindergarten songs on repeat. #comeswiththejob
Watching | The Voice. I like Alicia Keys. :)
Thankful for | My strong legs and determination to reach goals.
Reading | The Mysterious Benedict Society trilogy. #intense #keptmepedaling
Pinning | Lots of talk about growth mindset at school -- this is a good roundup of resources here.
Anticipating | Only ten more weeks of school and then SUMMER!!!