Waterholes Slot Canyon | Page, AZ

We spent one night at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes near Kanab [pretty fun, but didn't score high enough for its own post...also I didn't take any photos with my big girl camera], before driving over to Lone Rock State Park to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa! It was super neat that they were driving home from Phoenix at the time and it worked to spend one night together!

Lone Rock is interesting! Nice water...I wished there had been more time to explore on my paddle board. Having undesignated campsites was different, but it worked! You pretty much just drive all over the beach until you find a spot that suits you. We just pitched our tent beside Grandpa's 5th wheel. No showers here, and the flush toilets are a long walk from the beach. Just plan ahead!
We took a side trip to the Glen Canyon dam, second largest in the United States. It's pretty huge. We've had more epic tours of dams before, but it was interesting to see the sheer largeness of this one.
We had planned on hiking the Waterholes Slot Canyon, just outside the town of Page. In my research, I had discovered that permits must be purchased to legally hike in the canyon, I just didn't realize that they were $12 EACH and you must have cash. Fortunately, Grandma had some and sponsored this hike together. :)

Then she tested her tired-out, healing-from-cancer body to see if it could maneuver climbing down and up and all over the rocks! She did AWESOME. It's an exciting canyon, with a sandy bottom and a pretty narrow winding section. Our permit only allowed for travel east of the highway/bridge, but that was plenty good enough for us. I think we hiked about 3 miles RT?
Dogs ARE allowed here, and Skookum made the hike so much more fun! Buzz would have her stay with us, then go hide and see how long it took the dog to find him. Not long usually! What a cute pair they are. :)
It's an EXCELLENT hike, we all recommend. But remember to bring your hard cold moolah! Enjoy!

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