Three Birthdays and a Giant Waterfall | Monthly Wrap

There really is something about curating photos and videos each month that makes life seem even richer. It's the stacking up of awesome, without the representation of all the mundane and annoying in between. Three minutes of highlight reel and a smattering of the best photos from our month = the cream on top of the milk of life.

Maybe it's not realistic, but my idealistic self sure prefers it to any alternatives.

Not pictured: trying to teach squirrely kids about the armor of God on the beach; driving until almost midnight in order to deliver kayaks and still get to Grandma's house in Idaho; baking four batches of brownies over the course of two days and then decorating the cube cake with hundreds of mini m&ms; taking Buzz to the dentist for another filling and giving him another dozen LECTURES about the importance of brushing; riding a bus full of third and fourth graders for six hours in order to get to the aquarium and back; missing daddy for a whole week while he was in Seattle for work...and more.

But let's focus on the rainbow, shall we? A birthday party for the new eleven year old and hiking to run-off waterfalls!
INSTA-LIGHTS [Instagram Highlights]
+Rosario Beach is AWESOME. We loved paddling around in the bay and saw PORPOISES!!!!!
+Mommy turned 35 and found her car full of balloons!
+The pool is open and being used almost everyday!
+Spring concerts at school went really well.
+Grandpa took the boys for a couple airplane rides and taught them about stalls.
+Skookum is the best dog uncle ever!!
+Peter moved into the "sunrise" room and loves his new studio setup.

Another pretty long video this month, for the lovely people who want to see and hear more than 3 seconds of the bell choir or the piano know who you are. :)

Eating | We made pandesal [Filipino sweet bread that we loved last summer] for a school project
Enjoying | Lesson planning for next year ;)
Listening to | A new teacher podcast called The Cult of Pedagogy #excellentresource
Watching | TedEd videos to use in 5th grade
Thankful for | Our beautiful backyard
Reading | Pete has been reading the Map Trap by Andrew Clements #love
Anticipating | Our biking/paddling trip up the Sunshine Coast of BC!!

OKAY, go live large and document the best stuff!! June will be the best month ever!!