OH JULY | Monthly Wrap

Were you waiting for a blog post with very few photos and nothing adventurous to report? You are just sick and tired of all the fun we were having and ready for a break? You think I should actually get some work done? MAN, YOU'RE IN LUCK!!!

We were in Montana July 1st and 2nd, then we came home and worked in my classroom for a few days. After that, we went to Canada with high hopes...aaand came home five days later with canceled plans. #mosquitoes #tooambitious #brokentent #bears #disappointment

Then we spent the next *wait* SEVENTEEN days at home. That's even hard to type. 

I do admit that it's been good to get tons of work done...lesson planning, decorating my classroom, etc. etc. And the kids have been so happy to Just. Be. Home. with their WIFI. :-o They have been swimming in the pool a bit but mostly just chilling. Pete loves making videos for his YouTube channel and Buzz... well ... maybe Dude Perfect should write him a thank you letter for all the views...

But all that doesn't make for epic photos or videos. Boo hoo. 

Honestly, it hasn't been easy for me. I'm a go girl. I would agree to being a travel writer in an instant if it didn't negatively affect my family. I love photography, travel, adventure. It has been hard for me to embrace a new phase of life where my kids are also people with interests and preferences. 

I've got an 11 year old who wants to schedule his own days, not do what mom wants to do all day. And he's not too keen on posing for the perfect photo on a paddle board either. Better frame that one at Lake Louise!! So -- I'm adjusting. We're looking at probably 6-8 years of living life with a different focus than maybe what I would prefer. I'm still figuring that out. #adulting #parentlife

Eating | Cucumber salad #freshgarlic #yogurt #dill 
Enjoying | Getting to know new coworkers #goodyearcoming
Listening to | Ted Radio Hour podcast
Watching | Pilot Yellow's EPIC WORLD TOUR #socool
Thankful for |  Cold rivers on HOT days.
Reading | Just 5th grade curriculum...
Pinning | Some cool icebreaker activities that I plan to use
Anticipating | The first day of school...just so we can get on with it #nomoreworrying