Oops, it's September | August Monthly Wrap

My resolution to post something here monthly is being S T R E T C H E D. At this point, I see the end of September staring at me... This is intense. Life is too busy! Fortunately, I have some photos to share from our super fun camping trip to Priest Lake early in August. Priest Lake State Park is a GREAT place to play with friends! Enjoy these photos while I figure out if there will be a post for September...
We spent two nights together at the lake, hiked up to some slick rock natural waterslides [exciting!], then went to Silverwood for a few hours! The wave pool was a favorite. Our next destination was Silver Mountain -- we took the gondola up with our mountain bikes and rode all the way back down. I didn't know if my boys would make it. It tested their strength, endurance, and their brakes!!
My next stop was Chicago for teacher's convention. My friend Cheryl and I toured the city using Divvy bikes [$15 for the day] and enjoyed yummy food. I survived half a professional baseball game [BORING] and had at least two meals at Trader Joe's. #carrotjuice #peanutbuttercups

It was a really fun mommy break, even though there were CROWDS of people at the convention and meetings that didn't always apply to my current position. Good times.
The rest of August was SMOKEY here -- terrible air quality made it very unsafe to spend a lot of time outdoors. Boooo. We couldn't even go outside for recess the first week of school.
I did finally get these "first day of school" pics taken [seventeen days late], so I'll stick them in here for you too, even though they really belong in September's post.
Eating | Pear chocolate muffins #tistheseason
Enjoying | Fulfilling work, even though it is time consuming
Listening to | Fat Rat songs with my boyz 
Watching | I want to watch Sully 
Thankful for |  September is a beautiful weather month
Pinning | Math game ideas for reinforcing weaker skills
Anticipating | Thanksgiving break and a trip to Portugal!!! 
Reading | The Purpose Driven Life, for 5th grade worship, Because of Winn Dixie [with my students]

If I ever get to making a family film.....it will go here.