September Quick | Monthly Wrap

I have a very difficult time drawing lines.

Lines between selfishness and martyrdom. Lines between home and work. Lines that look like boundaries.

Today's line = a very short post because I have a ridiculous need to finish things and an unhealthy amount of guilt when I don't. I have to just say "enough is enough" and move on sometimes.

My bike ride today is scheduled and a few other things will need to be scheduled as well because work OOOOZES into everything. I'm passionate about being a good teacher, but the lines are so hard to draw. Put me back in Kindergarten and give me a ruler.

It makes me so sad that this is the extent of photographic memories from the month. Ooooph. It is partly because I have kids who don't want me to take their photo, but mostly because we just didn't really do very much. The kids had a great flight to Idaho and I had a fantastic time riding around Crater Lake. Then one quick sand dunes outing and one field trip with students..... and that's all she wrote. If I had the energy to set goals, this would be at the top of my list. I love having photos to remember our lives.

Currently??? I'll be going on a bike ride for my sanity. I hope hope hope to be able to draw better lines from here on out.