Fast Forward and Things Kids are Saying Nowadays

It's ONLY been five months!! #staypositive #crying #lifekeepsmovingalong #theblogisstillalive

Let's catch up REAL FAST.

We made our annual pilgrimage to Brundage Mtn near McCall, ID. It's a small resort but we LOVE it. We took a representative of the Scruggs family with us and had too much fun playing Wheel Unfortunate in the car and skiing really fast and soaking in the hot spring and eating huge cinnamon buns.

We spent one gorgeous Sabbath afternoon sledding near Ingalls Creek.

Tim made super yummy chili for a ski picnic. Ezra skied till his bones ached.

Gustav kept the kids moving when a snowshoe adventure turned into a hike.

We switched sports at the end of the month -- bye bye skis, hello boats.

No international travel this Spring Break -- instead we drove over to Washington's capital [Olympia] and then down to Portland and McMinnville. The boys are obsessed with Tesla cars and yell TESLA whenever they spot one! This Roadster was especially cool to see. I finally got into Voodoo Doughnuts and ordered one with guava filling and coconut on top. It was REALLY good. The kids had a blast at the Wings and Waves water park, even though we realized they were definitely growing out of it. 

I got to take my fifth grade students on a quick field trip/hike up to the top of Saddle Rock! We enjoyed nature lessons presented by the Wenatchee Public School district.

The first week of May was spent over at Mivoden, with 100+ 5th graders from schools in Idaho and Washington. #outdoorschool There were two homesick kids from my classroom, but we all made it through the week! #survivalskills #eatingoutdoors

I got home Friday afternoon around 4pm, repacked belongings and drove further west to Rosario for the weekend, arriving around 11pm to a campsite that had been pirated by other campers!! We had to work that situation out before setting up our tents and crashing for the night. That was a biiiiit too much. I wasn't much fun the next couple days. We don't need to mention that I had to drop Tim off at SEATAC on our way home on Sunday and he completely skipped my birthday {Monday} while flying to Australia.

The rest of May was kinda blurry because I was single parenting. The boys took me to McGlinn's for Mother's Day [well, really I took them]. Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a quick visit. Peter had a birthday and asked for lemon cake!! And the lupines bloomed sweetly on the Sage Hills trail.

The last day in May saw these kids playing their hearts out at the school dodge ball tournament!! #seriousbusiness #winners

We made it through the last week of school! Then we celebrated the last day of school with milkshakes! Ezra celebrated ten years and we hit the putting green in Leavenworth with Sonny! And we spent a couple nights on a lake near Spangle.

Then mommy went to Loma Linda University for a week of STEM training, followed by three nights on the San Juan Islands with my bike and two friends!

OKAY. Do you feel caught up? Aren't you glad that's all we did?

Now, for the lesson in modern language. 

We all have to be careful nowadays because there is a LOT of slang. And not all of it should be used in general conversation. You might think a word is completely harmless, but now it has another meaning.

Here is the collection I've been working on, based on what my 10 + 12 year old boys are hearing and repeating:

Lit -- this means something is cool, awesome, or exciting; for example, "The dodge ball tournament was lit!"
Gucci -- along the same lines, this means that everything is good, chill, awesome, fresh, okay; for example, "How's it going? Great, everything's gucci."
Clutch -- this word is used to describe then things work out exactly the way you want and in the perfect timing; for example "The ball came straight into my glove. It was so clutch!"
Savage -- this word refers to someone who says mean things and doesn't really care what other people think, they are brutally honest; something or someone can be savage
Noob -- a beginner
Salty -- someone might be called salty if they are bitter, irritated, angry, or being mean
Cringy -- when something embarrassing happens that would cause you to we have an adjective describing that situation; for example, "Did you see her outfit last night? It was so cringy!"
Yeet -- an expression of excitement or approval; used every time something positive happens; sometimes also said "ya-yeet"
Extra -- when someone is trying too hard or over the top; for example, "Look at his sunglasses...that's extra!"
Plz [pronounced pulz] -- the way kids are saying please these days
Get Rekt -- often said to the loser when he or she loses badly or makes a poor choice

I will try hard to be EXTRA and keep the blog GUCCI!! Hopefully July and August will be LIT!!!