Skiing and Rock Climbing | February 2020

Here we are, at the end of February already! YIKES! #slowdowntime

I've been feeling really sad about the silence of my blog. There's no evidence of life! Going forward, I really want to get into a habit of posting at least monthly. Having a record of things we do is meaningful to me. So I'm hoping to keep these monthly posts manageable, but fun.

But what is a post without pictures? I've decided that one goal for 2020 is to bribe my kids to let me take more photos of them. They'll thank me later, right? Who wouldn't want to remember looking like this?
My year so far could be summed up with three words probably: teaching, rock climbing, and skiing. Yep, I eat and sleep and exercise and sometimes bake chocolate muffins, but from a photographer's perspective, we're pretty bichromatic [monochromatic except with two colors?].

Ezra and I broke the color wheel one night at Fred Meyer when we found the Valentines Day stuffies. *heart eyes* OH how he LOVES soft and squishy things.
I did also break out of the groove to go bike the loop trail on a particularly warm day. That was special.
This morning when asked what brings me pure joy, what came to mind first was skiing! We've had a couple really stinky days where the surface was icy or the visibility was poor, but for some reason we keep coming back for more because the good days are really really good! That feeling of shooting down fresh groom, going fast enough to be a little afraid but still in's really my favorite.

We just need some fresh powder! *snow dancing*
Ezra really is built for rock climbing, long and lean! His legs keep getting longer! He has climbed twice this month, each time surprising me with the challenging routes he can master. But he doesn't have a lot of muscular endurance, especially in his forearms, and his fingers get tired quickly. It's a sport that requires a lot of spaced out practice with recovery time and probably some weight lifting on the side...
The kids have a bell choir trip coming up and then we're only a few weeks away from Spring Break!! I think we'll head back to the Oregon Coast since Ezra remembers exactly nothing from when I took the boys on road trips before [pre-school age years]! I really want to dust off my DSLR and lenses and see what photos I can get. It'll be just like old times, right? #funnyjoke #bigkidsnow

Other goals for March: 
Read a book [Nerves of Steel by Tammie Jo Shults]
Re-organize the kitchen and consider any home decorating needs [read: visit IKEA in Portland]
Ride at least 100 miles on my trainer to prepare for summer biking

There, I did it! Happy February everybody!