Becoming a Teenager | Happy Birthday Pete

Welcome to Episode Two in "How Did This Happen?" Today we're welcoming our guest, newly turned teen, Peter Kyle. How does it feel, Peter?

Yeah, I was hoping I'd get at least a two syllable response!

A trip through the archives led me to some super fun photos and these birthday stats:
Born: May 20, 2007 11:15pm
Weight: 8lbs 14oz (4 Kg)
Head Diameter: 14.5" (36.8 cm)
Length 21.25" (54 cm)

Let's head down Memory Lane! Here are some favorite posts from the archives... In this post, there's a video of little Peter jumping on the trampoline with his friend, Maddaly! In this post, some of the funny things he used to say. In this post, a few videos showcasing his musical talents. And in this post, his favorite things at age 5!

AND... I have some sappy words for Peter in the form of a little birthday letter. I remember receiving a few birthday letters from family members and they were special to me. My boy might not care so much, but it'll be here for posterity. If you get through the stack of photos below, you'll find my letter, so hang in there for it!!

Here comes a photo dump!! First.... BABY PETER! Sorry for the tiny photos from 2007 and archaic cameras!
And then he really started to grow up...
And here he is with his brother and friends...

Dear Peter-boy or Petah as I like to call you with a Swiss [?] accent,

You don't know how talented you are and just how much potential you have! It's true!! I know you hate it when I give you lectures about not squandering your time... "Peter, you should practice the piano or make a beat or build a robot or practice programming," but it's a real thing. I'm glad you like watching YouTube channels like Wintergatan and Linus Tech Tips and The King of Random ... those are educational and probably build up important knowledge in your brain. Keep turning to those ways of spending your time rather than pointless time-wasting activities.

I've heard a lot of people respond with surprise at your abilities to run sound systems, understand technical and audio-visual things, program robots, and play the piano and flute. YEP. You've been cool since you were very little. These next five years of your life will be crucial when it comes to deepening these talents and abilities and really settling into what you're super good at. Take advantage of all your free time to learn more and increase your skills and knowledge!

I'm not going to talk about hygiene for very long. You know the drill. Please do the things. :)

I love it when we listen to music together. I think you have cool taste and it's fun to be like "aw man, that was a good drop". I like going for walks with you in the evening and listening to you talk about things I don't understand. I love it when you do all the dishes and I come home to a clean kitchen. Congrats on graduating from dish duty, you've done well.

I'm sorry you have a quarantine birthday. I know these last couple months of school at home have been rough. I enjoyed seeing you with your friends at school this year, playing four square and working on projects together. It was a good year before Corona hit. I know you liked being in 7th grade and having the 8th graders around to challenge you a bit. I'm proud of you for your team-work abilities and for going above and beyond. That 3-D printed plant cell was so cool. And being the youngest in Honor Band for awhile there? That was cool too.

I just pray that you will see God's plan for your life. He has made you into this super unique and talented person and when you're looking for His paths, you'll get to do amazing and helpful things. I know the future looks kinda weird right now, but the best we can do is live to glorify God in whatever we find ourselves doing and trust in His promises.

I love you sooooo much. I can't believe you're already this old, but you're still cute and fun and my best Peter. Please keep bike riding with me and traveling with me and eating millions of oranges. Hugs and kisses. And keep your fingernails to yourself.