The Month With Only Two Photos | January 2021

The connection has been drawn before between the number of photos on my Instagram account and the quality of our lives. I mean, if we're having a great time, I'll shoot a pic to remember it, right? Well...if we're outside in good light and doing something slightly out of the ordinary routines and everyone wants to have their photo taken!! These are limiting constraints! Add in a teaspoon of pandemic and we're down to TWO photos this month. 

Photo #1 

We haven't played disc golf as often since the weather has been cool and icy, but this particular day was sunny and warmer! This was also the day that I slid in mud and plastered one side of my right leg and right shoe! 
Good light? Check. Slightly out of the ordinary? Okay. Did he want me to take this photo? Not entirely...

Photo #2

We had at least two sunny days in January, because here we are taking a walk by the river and exploring this dock! Ezra was teasing me and I was freaking out a little about the cold water and not wanting to jump in to rescue him if he fell. He thought it was funnier than I did... I'm just thankful we were able to get out of the house for a minute or two. 

We don't have season passes to the Ridge this year, so that cuts out a pretty big pass time for us. The rock climbing gym has only recently reopened, so maybe we'll go there in February. There just isn't much to do. Well, especially when we're competing with stay-at-home projects [Peter] and video games with friends [Ezra]. #pandemiclife 

And of course, many of my minutes are spent grading and lesson planning. #teacherlife 

But I think I could stand for a few more exciting activities and photo ops! Let's aim for a better February! Am I still a cool person? Do I have a life at all? #quarantinequestions #identitycrisis