A Cold Month and Then Thankfully, Spring Returns to the Land | March 2021

I had this grand idea for a blog post in the shower a few weeks ago [reflecting on my teaching strategies before and after the pandemic]...but chances of having enough time to process my thoughts before summer are slim. I'll do a quick recap of February and March at least! 

February -- it was cold. Very very very very cold. We drove over to Montana to visit friends because our hearts really needed to be warmed. We were pretty lonely and sad! We tried to go skiing together at Lookout Pass, but it was lodge weather!! And they wouldn't even let us eat our picnic lunch in the lodge... 

Ezra was able to go night skiing with friends three times in February. I'm thankful for that!! I donated blood, facilitated student-led parent teacher conferences, and was so glad when the weather warmed enough to get outside on my bike again! 

March weather was definitely more manageable...we've been out hiking and biking and I broke out my Birkenstocks!! I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a little more school spirit than usual...check out my green hair! The kids thought I looked like a mermaid! We celebrated Pi Day [3.14] by eating quite a bit of pie... :) 

And this past week was Spring Break!! Well deserved by teachers and students alike! It just hasn't seemed quite long enough! :p We celebrated Easter with a lovely little [kinda crazy] hike at Peshastin Pinnacles. Then it was time for a vacation [for two of us]. Peter and I were going to head to Florida this time, but United canceled our flights and I didn't feel like rebooking, so we scratched that whole trip. It was probably for the best. We were able to spend a few days together in Seattle, shopping at thrift stores and playing lots of disc golf! It was relaxing and fun too. I think Peter had a great time. :) 

Thanks for the fun times, Seattle!! We're pretty glad we got to see you on a sunny day! 

It's hard to believe, but we've only got about 8 more weeks left in this school year. Of course, I spent some of this week planning summer travel...I've got a monster road trip across the country in the works. If we can't travel internationally right now, we might as well see states we've never been to, right? I'm sure I'll regret my ambitious ideas, but I also dislike staying home all summer with no stories to tell...

So here we go April and May, let's see what you've got!!