And Then Another Year Was Over | December 2021

Life since March 2020 has been so different. It is so surreal that we're in December 2021 and about to enter 2022. I have taught wearing a mask for so many days now. I have taught online for a pretty big chunk of that time. I have cried plenty of days. I have students who are academically behind. I have students who hate wearing masks and some that are defiant about it. That causes extra stress every day. It's hard to believe this has gone on for so long. I never expected this. 

We've spent a lot of days in the house, just staying away from it all. I'm grateful for the fun we've been able to squeeze out of this crazy time. I'm thankful for our health. I know there are others who have suffered so much more than we have. I would just like this to be over for everybody! 

We do have so much to be thankful for. The loop trail always provides a happy place for me. :)   

Peter and Ezra are both rocking their instruments in Advanced Band this year, AND they are both playing in bell choir! Peter participated in a tech challenge and WON! He's been working for the IT Director and has brought home so much loot [one man's trash is another's treasure]! Peter is also working on expanding our sequenced Christmas light show. It's been so fun for him, but also a ton of work! He's a hard worker, especially when it's something he loves. 
I have the most students in my classroom that I've ever had -- 22. We've done two dissections so far -- fish and owl pellets. Not all of them love cutting things apart, but they've been good sports! Some of them love it a lot! Ezra wanted to have a memorable school picture this year...I think he looks great. :) 
I haven't taken a lot of photos over the past four months, but most of our fun has been either riding bikes or playing disc golf. The boys and I took a few days over Thanksgiving to adventure in Tacoma and then we visited the Idaho property. 

The boys and I had so much fun skating together a few weeks ago...

So here we are at Christmas break and we're looking forward to a bit of skiing over the next few days. It's just been nice to relax! Well, maybe snowshoeing five miles wasn't relaxation...but it was really fun.
I thought it might be fun to close out this post with some recommendations! Here are some favorite things from the last few months: 

The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
The Trail by Meika Hashimoto

Things to Watch: 
The Christmas Shoelace [BYUtv app]
The Chosen [The Chosen app]

I just want to pray that everyone will stay healthy and keep loving others above all else. I hope we will continue to have the capacity to serve without burning out. May we keep what matters most first.