Finishing Another Year | 2022 Went Really Quickly

Twenty twenty twooooo!! In many ways, this year was an improvement over the last two years! We stopped wearing masks at school in March, we stayed home for most of the summer [that made the boys happy], I took a college class and read a lot of books in preparation for my new role at work, Ezra played soccer and basketball this fall, and I've been able to accomplish some fun challenges with my #40before40 list! 

We had a couple mouth procedures this summer too -- wisdom teeth extraction for Peter and braces for Ezra! It was a good summer to spend more time at home.
7 blog posts
220 photos on Instagram 
26 posts on Facebook 
9 posts on Strava 
2 family photos with the tripod!!
I asked family members to reflect a little...some participated better than others. :) 

Most memorable times this year: 
Ezra: playing with the Evans' both in the winter and summer 
Laura: water sports in San Diego
Tim: taking Peter to work where he was meaningfully helpful

Best part of the year:
Ezra: summertime because WATER
Laura: summer vacation to Alaska
Tim: biking trips
Peter: wintertime because we don't have to go outside [except when we do]
Worst part of the year: 
Ezra: vacation to Alaska
Laura: smoke during September/October [usually the best biking time]
Tim: smoke season
Peter: finishing my online Geometry class

Most laughs this year: 
Ezra: jumping off the dock at Priest Lake
Laura: contagious pina colada laughs in Hawaii
Most surprising things this year: 
Ezra: birthday present from mommy [tickets to Singapore]
Laura: snow in Wenatchee on April 14 [late!] and then again on November 6 [early!]
Peter: realizing he wasn't finished after one semester of Geometry
Tim: finally getting Covid after escaping it for so long

Best purchase this year: 
Laura: electric car [we love our Nissan Leaf!]
Peter: his own laptop
Things we wish we had done differently: 
Laura: wearing different shoes to hike 18 miles so she could keep her toenails
Laura: not trying to camp in the car with the Alaskan mosquitoes
Peter: not jamming his finger playing football

Accomplishments we are proud of: 
Laura: hiking the Enchantments
Peter: the light show 
Peter: finishing his Geometry class
Tim: working so much overtime [171 hours]
Favorite food this year: 
Laura: fusion pizza in San Francisco
Tim: applesauce on toast
Peter: spaghetti and tofu meatballs
Ezra: Little Caesars Pizza 

Favorite beverage: 
Laura: virgin mango sunrise in Port Angeles
Tim: Bubly, peppermint or ginger tea
Peter: Martinellis
Ezra: Trader Joe's chai tea

Favorite media: 
Peter: 8 Bit Guy

Next year's intentions: 
Laura: have more good hair days
Laura: more impressive stats [Strava, blog, Facebook] next year 
Laura: consistently work out with 10 pound weights
Ezra: get a job
Tim: have a successful New Zealand bike trip 

Well, there you go! Goodbye 2022 and let's get ready for 2023!!