{serve} photo philanthropy part one

Introducing -- my passion in action, shared with you here on my little piece of the Internet.

You see, I have a camera. I like to write. I totally think humanitarian work is cool. And I want to get involved.

So in a really big nutshell I'm a photo philanthropist traveling humanitarian blogger.

Or a photo philanthropist with a blog. I really need a quicker way to say that. 

Taking photos and telling stories. It's what I want to do. It's where I feel called to serve.

I didn't coin the phrase. Photographers have been donating their time and images for years. But more recently, organizations like Compassion International and Global Hope Network International have been taking bloggers on trips -- to see for themselves, but most importantly, to use their blogs as a backdrop for story-telling with words and pictures. Social media has the power to enlighten and encourage, if used correctly.

I still have so much to learn about photography and journalism and blogging and social media. Honestly, I feel like such an amateur, not hardly ready. But with each trip, I'll learn more. I'll learn how to ask just the right questions. I learn how to efficiently adjust to new cultures. I'll learn how to take notes and blog later.

I hope to learn about the dynamics within different non-profit organizations. I hope to discover how these organizations have learned to help people best. I hope to feel the heart of those who help, to really understand where their motivation comes from. And then I'll share all that learning with you.

I don't go on these trips simply for adventure's sake {truthfully, I'm crazy scared about the Cessna flying and snake population reported as part of my next trip}. I want to make a difference in people's lives, whether by pulling a rotten tooth or sharing a smile and a hug.

And why will I blog about my trips? Because I want to make a difference in your life -- whether by inspiring you to live with greater financial flexibility or inspiring you to go and serve with the talents you've been given. I want to open your eyes to incredible work being done. I want to help tell the story of God -- at work, bringing hope, all around the world. 

In part two, I'll be sharing some of my favorite traveling photo-bloggers who have told incredible stories and have inspired me. Come back to read part two in this series!