to grandma, with love

I remember visiting my Grandma and there would be so. much. food. waiting for us. Apple pudding in the fridge. Cookies in the jar. Barley soup simmering. Dilly bread fresh from the oven. Cottage cheese patties in the freezer. Perogies. Potato salad. Homemade burger buns. And there was more.

She was my hero. She IS my hero.

After spending yesterday on my feet pushing out one recipe after another for our upcoming trip, I just shake my head at her. I'm proud to carry her genetics, but they should have come equipped with foot cushions. What a lady.

Want to know what I made?

I started with a batch of gluten, having never made it before I figured I needed a time buffer in case things didn't work out. {My dear husband usually provides the fried lumps of goodness for our sandwiches} Everything went fine though! I am now a gluten machine. Even fried them in coconut oil.

I made two loaves of quick bread -- one with pumpkin puree and apple and one with carrots and bananas. I put apple and spinach fiber from juicing in the first loaf and carrot fiber in the second. Seriously guys -- this works!! Makes me so happy to not dump all the leftovers down the sink.

Then I made these breakfast cookies, because the recipe looked incredibly healthy and who doesn't love a sweet bit of goodness on a cold rainy Oregon coast morning? I made a triple batch! They are really good.

And to finish up, two recipes of Grandpa's sticks. Because they are mood boosters {yay walnuts!} and make the car ride a bit more tolerable.

So...all that to say -- I love you Grandma Rick!!! And I'm a big fan of your cooking and baking and your ability to work in the kitchen for hours and hours and hours. You are incredible.

And now we are ready {except for that missing thermarest} for a bit of a vacation. Beach photos coming your way SOON!!!

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