Christmas Traditions In the North

I must admit I've been in a grinchy mood this year. Just not really into the whole decorate the house, wrap gifts, cook up a feast, sing carols thing. It seems so, well, needless. Although I've heard it said that we can "simplify the life right out of living". I might be doing that. Or maybe I'm just choosing a different path. I better figure it out and own it, whatever it is.

But I made a double batch of pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today {they'll be the death of me since I've always gotta taste to make sure the recipe is working} and a triple batch of dark chocolate coconut truffles. Between the treats and Pentatonix, the holidays are getting sweeter. And my pants fitting tighter. 

My husband has heard me launch into more than one soliloquy about frugality and living a simple life and why-do-we-do-all-the-things. I won't do that here too. Rather, I wanted to share some of the things that we do do...that are really fun and pretty meaningful.

This year was candle-lit bath round two and gingerbread house round five{?}. We might have missed a year. Here are some archives -- careful, they're really old {2009} {2010} {2012}.

Here's what we came up with this year {"we" as in: adults} #kidsturnnextyear

Daddy had a vision and did the construction work and the wood paneling. Grandpa thought up the fence and mastered the chimney. Kids snuck skittles and frosting and enjoyed watching the progress.

And the bathtub. Bubbly and surrounded with little tea lights.

If it hadn't been for the melting wax all over, I'd say the candle-lit bath was a grand success. But now I have that mess to clean up. #theyloveditthough

So -- those are two of our holiday traditions. We're also planning to drive around town looking at lights tonight and buy some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. And the next night we'll watch The Very First Noel. We're listening to Pentatonix almost every day. Love them.

Oh and we recorded our Christmas letter and will be releasing it soon -- we call it the "cardcast". Something to look forward to. :)

What are your family's Christmas traditions? Have you had to decide what you will and won't do?

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